Tips for Perfection

Making Perfect Yogurt with EasiYo is Easy... Anyone can do it!

Here's a few tips to ensure your success in making EasiYo Yogurt - anytime, anywhere!


Use TEPID-COOL WATER inside the Yogurt JAR

Ensure the water that you put into the yogurt JAR is at a tepid room temperature - NOT very warm and NOT very cold.
It's important the water in the jar is clean drinking water ie. treated water supply, cold-boiled or bottled water.

Mixing water and sachet contents

  • Half fill the empty yogurt jar with water.
  • Empty contents of a FULL sachet into the jar.
  • Replace the jar lid and shake until all powder has visibly dissolved.
  • Remove the jar lid and fill the jar to the very top with more water.
  • Stir with a fork if necessary, to completely dissolve all sachet contents into the water. Replace the lid and shake again.

The Spacer inside the Yogurt Maker

Push the spacer down inside the Yogurt Maker as far as it will go. Ensure it has the correct side facing upwards.
The spacer controls the heat required to activate all the beneficial lactic cultures present in EasiYo.

Use BOILING WATER inside the Yogurt MAKER

Pour boiling water JUST to the top of the spacer (no further) and BEFORE putting the Yogurt Jar into the Yogurt Maker.
Too much hot water can destroy the cultures altogether or make the yogurt curdle.
(see weather climate variation note below)

Yogurt Setting Times

Leave the Yogurt Maker, without touching it for 8 to 12 hours - or overnight, to let the Yogurt set.
If the Yogurt has not set in that time, just leave it in the Yogurt Maker for a few hours more.
DO NOT ADD any more boiling water.
You can leave the Yogurt setting for up to 24 hours without any harmful effects.


Do NOT refrigerate the Yogurt before it has completely set.
Made-up Yogurt will keep up to 2 weeks under refrigeration (4°C)

Cleaning your Yogurt Maker

Always clean the yogurt jar and lid thoroughly between use.
Just wipe it with a damp cloth - do not immerse the Yogurt Maker underwater.

Weather Climate Variation

In extremely hot climates you can put your drinking water in the fridge for half an hour (only) or alternatively in the freezer for 5-10 mins (only, and no longer) before mixing it with a sachet.

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