Why homemade?

Live Cultures

Billions of live cultures in every serve

Nothing Artificial

EasiYo yogurt is made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

So Delicious

EasiYo's delicious taste, thick texture and healthy goodness will have you coming back for more.

Homemade Goodness

You know that everything tastes better when you make it yourself.

Three Step Process

EasiYo is so simple to make, just follow the three step process and you'll have fresh, delicious yogurt at home. It's that easy.


Step 1

Half-fill your yogurt jar with room temperature, drinking water. Add the contents of a yogurt sachet, pop on the lid and give it a good shake. Fill the jar up with more water to about 5mm from the top... and shake again.


Step 2

Push the plastic insert spacer down inside the Yogurt Maker as far as it can go. (Check the correct side is facing up). Pour boiling water into the Yogurt Maker to the top of the plastic insert spacer.


Step 3

Put your jar into the Yogurt Maker so that it sits on top of the plastic insert. The boiling water will rise part-way up the sides of the jar. Put the Yogurt Maker lid on and leave it on your kitchen worktop for 8 to 12 hours (or overnight) to let the yogurt set... and the magic will happen!


Tips and Tricks

Tip for Thicker Yogurt


How To Make EasiYo


EasiYo Reusable Pouch




If we haven't answered all of your questions, or you need to get in touch with us, you can do so here

In order to grow, lactic cultures require heat and a source of milk sugar (lactose) on which to feed. They also have an optimal heat at which to grow (between 40-50 degrees C).The unique EasiYo Yogurt Maker creates the controlled heat needed to activate all the LACTIC CULTURES present in the EasiYo Yogurt Mix Sachets.  Our freeze dried cultures reactivate and divide in the perfect conditions in the EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

Yes.  You can register your EasiYo Yogurt Maker here.

Please contact us if you have any problems with your EasiYo Yogurt Maker.

Yes. The entire EasiYo yogurt maker including lunch-takers and 1 litre jars are manufactured from US and UK FDA approved polypropylene grade. All parts are completely free from polycarbonate and BP.

Although the EasiYo Yogurt Maker has been made to withstand constant and tough handling, there may be some parts (such as the yogurt jar lid) that may get damaged, in which case you can contact EasiYo Head Office for a replacement.


It's a great idea to have an extra jar or two on hand, so you can always have EasiYo Yogurt to enjoy.

Selected supermarkets carry extra jars, or you can buy them directly from our website here.

Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not immerse the Yogurt Maker in water.

The contents of the yogurt sachets vary by flavour. Our Unsweetened Greek for example only contains high quality milk powder and freeze dried lactic cultures. Our flavoured range also contain sugar, natural colours and natural flavourings. EasiYo Yogurt does not contain stabilisers, artificial colouring or additives. You just add clean drinking water. Please see individual packs for full ingredient lists. We recommend storing yogurt sachets at <25 degrees Celsius. 

All EasiYo yogurts contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Some certain products also contain the Bifidobacteria strain. The combination gives EasiYo its wonderful taste and texture.
None of the EasiYo Yogurt mixes contain any gluten or wheat.
Yes, soya lecithin is present in small amounts in the whole milk powder to help the fat dissolve in water more easily. It is not present in the skim milk powder. We state it on the packaging as there may be traces in the whole milk powder.
Yes. However, as they contain dairy, they are not suitable for vegans.

The EasiYo system is designed to eliminate the hassles of incubating and stabilising milk. The EasiYo system is designed to make yogurt easy so that you make delicious yogurt every time.  Of course, you can make yogurt any way you like to, but it may be more time-consuming and difficult.

Here at EasiYo we do not recommend eating anything after the best before date.

EasiYo is a living thing and can change with changes in the tap water temperature for example. Sometimes the yogurt needs to stay in the Yogurt Maker a little longer in order to set. Up to 24 hours is fine.

Because EasiYo yogurt is a 'live' product and contains no thickening agents there can be a variation in normal setting times depending on how quickly the temperature changes inside the Yogurt Maker. This depends on the temperature of the water you mix your EasiYo Yogurt (15 to 20 degrees celcius is ideal) and the outside temperature surrounding the actual Yogurt Maker. It is fine to leave for up to 24 hours.
No this will be too cold. The ideal temperature to mix with your sachet of EasiYo Yogurt mix is 15 to 20 degrees celcius.

The EasiYo Yogurt sachets contain all the ingredients you need to make fresh yogurt - just adding water.  There is no need to use a bought yogurt as a starter.

The yogurt will keep in the EasiYo Yogurt Maker for up to 24 hours without it being adversely affected.

Whey being 'expressed' from the yogurt is part of a natural process. Commercial chilled yogurts may contain thickeners and stabilisers to absorb the expressed whey, but as EasiYo Yogurt contains no such additives the whey is best mixed back into the yogurt as it is very nutritious. Alternatively, you can pour the whey off for a thicker yogurt.

Most of the range can be keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks but our 'with bits' range we recommend just a week. Please check storage instructions on the pack you have purchased.
Neither of these methods is recommended because of their unreliability. EasiYo simply makes it safer and easier, and it works every time!

It is both pasteurised and also homogenised.

Halal certified shows that the raw materials that make up EasiYo product and the product themselves are prepared in an acceptable way to conform to Muslim custom. EasiYo has been audited and registered as Halal by the Islamic Process Food Management Division.

Once your baby has started on solids, EasiYo yogurt should be okay for your baby, however we recommend you always check with a health professional.

Yes of course, EasiYo yogurt is just like any other yogurt and fine for pregnant women to consume.

Lactose intolerance is different to being allergic to milk (cow's) protein. If you are lactose intolerant and not dairy intolerant EasiYo Yogurt may be fine for you to consume. Yogurt contains lower levels of lactose than regular milk since some of the lactose in the milk is converted into lactic acid during the fermentation process. Therefore people with a mild lactose intolerance may be able to consume and tolerate our EasiYo Yogurt. However we suggest you talk to your medical professional about the best approach for you. 

They do contain casein because they are dairy based.

No, all our yogurts are made from dairy.  We do not have any dairy free or plant based yogurt sachets currently in our range.

Additional information for those living in warm countries:

  • Ensuring you have your water at boiling point, 100°C is very important in warmer climates to ensure a good set for your yogurt

  • Store EasiYo Yogurt sachets in a fridge, as storing sachets in a temperature that is too warm can negatively affect the live cultures in EasiYo

Once you have left your yogurt to set for 8 hours it will appear gelled together, but may not have a firm set until you have chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours.


You may notice some 'watery' liquid on top - this is whey, a part of milk.  EasiYo do not use any stabilisers, so there is sometimes some separation of the whey from the rest of the milk.

You can stir this back into your yogurt, or tip it off for a thicker yogurt (try pouring it into a smoothie rather than tipping it down the sink).


If your yogurt is completely runny - like milk texture, it may be that the water temperature you used to mix with the sachet was too warm.   The best temperature to use is 15-20°C.


Please also check the best before date on your Yogurt Sachet.  If the product has passed it's best before date, the product may not set.


If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Care team - consumer.services@easiyo.com

We recommend you add natural sweeteners such as honey to your made-up yogurt when it is set to sweeten to your taste.

No, because it upsets the pH balance in the yogurt which can disrupt the culture activity. This defeats the purpose of making fresh yogurt.  However you can add whatever you like to your made-up EasiYo Yogurt. For instance, it is a great accompaniment to cereal and fresh or stewed fruit.

The cultures are freeze dried which means all the moisture is extracted and the cultures can 'hibernate' without losing much of their viability until they are 'reactivated' during the fermentation process inside the EasiYo Yogurt Maker.
The cultures we use are freeze dried; a little like a seed that, for a certain period of time, is able to remain in a stable form before it is reactivated. In this dormant state i.e. without moisture or warmth, our cultures are good for the 18-month shelf life of the product. The process we use is designed to maintain the largest number of viable bacteria cultures that can be produced.

The fact that you make your yogurt fresh with EasiYo means you get the cultures from day one when they are freshest. Cultures have a limited lifetime so you will never get more cultures than when your Yogurt is freshly-made.  A spoonful of EasiYo yogurt contains billions!  It is the cultures which have made EasiYo Yogurt so thick and why we don't need to use stabilisers or thickeners in our yogurt.

The number of live cultures is at its highest on the day that you make your EasiYo Yogurt. One spoon of freshly-made EasiYo Yogurt contains over 1 billion live cultures. The tests on our yogurts indicate there are billions of live cultures still present in every spoonful even at the end of these two weeks. 


Our EasiYo Yogurt Maker comes with an unconditional 2 years guarantee from the date of purchase. To register your maker click here.


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