Great inventions often come from a desire or necessity to do something better.  EasiYo was no different.

EasiYo was invented by a kiwi school teacher about 25 years ago.  He had a growing family of eight hungry kids to feed (Yes, I did say EIGHT)... and like most kiwi guys, he loved to tinker around in his garden shed at weekends.


He knew that freshly made yogurt was a great staple food the world over.  In fact, yogurt has 'been around' and enjoyed for centuries.  The problem was, shop bought yogurt was full of preservatives and he never really knew how 'fresh' it was after sitting on shop shelves for how long... and with 8 kids to feed, it cost him a fortune!sachet V1


What he did know was you can never get 'fresher' than when you make yogurt yourself. Besides the real satisfaction and sense of pride of making your own yogurt, it always tasted delicious, and you knew EXACTLY what was in it.


Like a mad professor, he set about to find a better, easier and cheaper way to make fresh yogurt.  A 'guaranteed' yogurt making system simply did not exist back then, so making your own yogurt was often a messy, hit-and-miss exercise.

He flung open his shed door and went about inventing it. Being a physics teacher probably helped, but even so, it took him weeks, months, in fact, years before the moment arrived.


EUREKA! He'd finally created a system that made perfect, fresh, delicious homemade yogurt - every single time.  It was Easy.  It was Delicious. It was EASIYO!


From those humble beginnings EasiYo went from being a much loved local favourite, to becoming a huge national and then global success story. EasiYo Yogurt is now exported from New Zealand and enjoyed in homes all over the world.

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