Yogurt Makers & Containers

Our Yogurt Makers and Jars for making and storing EasiYo Yogurt

 NewJar yogurtMaker

Wellbeing Yogurt Range

Our unsweetened and low fat range of Yogurt bases

 Greek Style Unsweetened Yogurt BaseGreek Style Low Fat Yogurt BaseNatural Yogurt BaseNatural Low Fat Yogurt Base

Greek Style Yogurt Range

Our thick and creamy, premium flavoured yogurt bases

Greek Style PassionfruitGreek Style HoneyGreek Style CoconutGreek Style Blueberry Greek Style StrawberryGreek Style Raspberry & LemonGreek Style RaspberryGreek Style Pineapple & Coconut BitsGreek Style Peach

Everyday Range

Our delicious everyday range of flavoured yogurt

VanillaSummerfruitStrawberryMangoForest FruitsBanana


Our Foodservice range is great for industrial kitchens, cafes and restaurants.  To find out more about our Foodservice range, click here

Foodservice Range