Powdered Milk vs. Fresh

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The high nutritional quality of milk powder combined with its functional and practical properties makes it advantageous to use in applications such as yogurt making. Yogurt, alongside other food applications, such as in the production of Infant Formula, Ice-cream and Sports and Nutritional supplements often use milk powder as a way of introducing milk solids for their desirable nutritional properties as well as to improve the flavour and texture characteristics of the product.


The nutritional value of fresh milk versus powdered milk is extremely similar, with powdered milk having the extra benefit that it is more stable and it retains its nutritional value for longer, because of the lower moisture content, providing that it is stored correctly.


EasiYo only uses premium class milk powder which has been produced from high quality fresh milk, to ensure that all the ingredients in every sachet are to that same high standard without exception. By using Easiyo, all you have to do is simply add the water back into the product, leave it for 8 – 12 hours to activate the live cultures which convert the lactose (natural milk sugar) to lactic acid, and you have produced home-made yogurt yourself at its freshest, not wasting valuable fridge space before you need it and having confidence that the yogurt is fresh because you know when it was made, and without needing to add gums, thickeners and stabilisers often found in chilled yogurts in the supermarket.


Making milk powder is a simple practice whereby the water content of the fresh milk is gently removed, under extremely strict hygiene conditions, while at the same time maintaining sought-after properties such as the nutritional value and flavour.


The water is removed from fresh milk by evaporation (the milk is boiled under reduced pressure at a low temperature) and then the subsequent concentrated milk is spray-dried into hot air to remove additional moisture which converts the milk into a powdered form.


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