First Yogurt for Babies

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From 7 – 8 months of age*, dairy products can be introduced to babies, providing valuable nutrients such as calcium and protein.  Yogurt is an ideal first dairy food for babies not only for its beneficial nutritional content but also for its characteristic textural properties and appealing flavour.


This is unless a baby has been diagnosed with a milk allergy in which case dietary advice must be sought from a health professional. 


Many of us are aware of the health benefits of eating yogurt which are linked to it being a source of calcium, protein and good bacteria (live active cultures). These attributes are all very beneficial in assisting with the growth and development of babies too.



Why is EasiYo yogurt a great first food for babies?

EasiYo yogurt is made at home so the live active cultures (good bacteria) are activated and are strong from the time of making until the end of the product shelf-life  ( 2 weeks stored in the refrigerator or 1 week for the ‘with bits’ product range). Every spoonful of EasiYo yogurt provides the baby with billions of live active cultures.


EasiYo yogurt doesn’t require refrigeration until the yogurt is made up so unlike store bought chilled yogurts, EasiYo can be stored in the pantry until needed and it doesn’t take up valuable refrigerator space.  It’s convenient for the baby’s caregiver to have EasiYo on hand in the pantry and to make the yogurt when desired and not have to take an extra trip to the supermarket.


Because EasiYo is made at home, you know when the yogurt was made and exactly how it’s been stored since it was made, so you can feed your baby with confidence that the yogurt is fresh and is of high quality from a food safety point of view. Each sachet of EasiYo contains milk powder sourced from high quality cow’s milk whereby the water has been removed, so all you need to do is simply add the water back in and make up according to the pack instructions at the desired time of making.


EasiYo has a short ingredient list and does not contain gums or thickeners unlike many store bought chilled yogurts - there is no need to add these because it’s made up fresh at home. There are No artificial ingredients and only natural flavours and colours are used.


From the EasiYo product range, it is recommended to select the unsweetened, plain varieties for babies rather than the sweeter, flavoured varieties.  Choose a full-fat yogurt rather than low fat for babies and children under 2 years of age*.


*Plunket recommendation (NZ market)

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