EasiYo yogurt is a versatile substitute


No Buttermilk?

A quick and easy substitute…………Mix ¾ cup of unsweetened plain or Greek EasiYo yogurt with ¼ cup of milk.  Blend until smooth.

eDM pancakes 600x378 


Cut the fat of heavy cream

EasiYo Greek Style yogurt can be used as a substitute for heavy cream so reducing the fat in a pasta sauce recipe. 

 eDM pastaSauce 600x378



A healthy option for a timeless dessert 

A healthy take on the classic pavlova; leave the cream out and use EasiYo Greek Style Yogurt with fresh fruit (think raspberries, kiwi fruit, bananas, strawberries). 

eDM pavlova 600x378

Tip.  Try EasiYo Greek Style with Honey for a twist on the classic.



Egg Free Baking

When baking, try replacing one egg with ¼ cup EasiYo Natural yogurt

 eDM eggFreeChocCake 600x378



 Sour Cream Substitute

Replace sour cream with EasiYo Greek Style yogurt, cup for cup, in your favourite meal or recipe.

eDM jacketPotato 600x378 


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