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Enjoy the freshest yogurt even while on a weekend getaway

EasiYo yogurt is convenient for those occasions where a refrigerator may or may not be available but the great taste of yogurt would be welcomed by the family. Since the EasiYo Maker does not require electricity it is perfect for the holiday cottage or ski chalet. As long as you have drinking water, a way to boil some and have some at room temperature, along with your favourite EasiYo flavour sachet and your EasiYo Yogurt Maker, you can have the freshest yogurt on hand.


Mix your EasiYo yogurt and place in the maker first thing in the morning before you head out on the slopes, hiking, the beach or any other activity and your yogurt will be ready to enjoy when you are done (8 hours later).*


One of our awesome EasiYo ambassadors Judy Mather let us know just how convenient and versatile EasiYo is for her:  


"I travel a lot and have taken an Easiyo yoghurt maker and packs to Southern Africa and South America, and have made yoghurt in places as diverse as Namibia, Botswana, and Patagonia!" 


You can enjoy your EasiYo yogurt on its own or as part of a great recipe. Here is one we like.

Potato Salad with a twist: Substitute the mayonnaise in your favourite potato salad dressing recipe with EasiYo Unsweetened Greek Style Yogurt. Serve it warm on a cold winter night with some bacon pieces, chives and cheese and you've got an unwrapped backed potato with the works!


Don’t forget to add your EasiYo Maker and sachets into the packing on your next trip camping or skiing.


Share your EasiYo recipe ideas with us on our Facebook page. Where is the most interesting place you’ve used your EasiYo?


* Just remember if you don't have a refrigerator to make sure that you eat it all as soon as it is set as any left overs would require refrigeration.

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