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What is it?

Over 80% of EasiYo sales are made to countries outside of our home market in New Zealand. As we enter new markets around the world, more and more consumers are looking for some reassurance that they are buying 'real' EasiYo products.

The EasiYo App. is a secure, encrypted, anti-counterfeit software device which allows you to use your smartphone to quickly and easily check the authenticity of our products from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the EasiYo App. displays detailed product and nutritional information on EasiYo products. The App. authenticates and displays in four languages, depending on your location (English (default language), Italian, German and Chinese).

What it does

We have specially designed this software so that you can use your smartphone to scan the authentication code found on EasiYo Products. The special QR Code design uses encrypted technology (similar to Financial Institutions, Banks, Passports and Driving Licenses) to specifically identify an original EasiYo product (or not) and displays detailed information about the item scanned.



What it doesn't do

Although the QR Code 'design' looks similar to a traditional "QR code" it is actually quite different.

To interpret the special code on EasiYo products you must download the special EasiYo App. and scan it using THIS software. If you scan an EasiYo code using a 'normal' QR code reader it will NOT show any results.


  • Free to download for Android, Apple and tablet devices
  • 'Genuine' product authentication system
  • Audible and visual message confirmation
  • Secure encryption technology
  • Detailed information on EasiYo Products
  • Geo-location and language display: English (default), Italian, German and Chinese
  • Verifies product when your device is in online or offline mode

How it works

  1. Download the EasiYo App. to your mobile device.
  2. Click the EasiYo App. icon on your mobile device (this will activate your mobile device's camera).
  3. Hold your mobile device firm & steady above any EasiYo authentication product code (about 3-8cm away)

The special software will scan and verify the product and you will see (and hear) confirmation of the product's authenticity, with additional detailed product information.


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