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November 01 2015

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Scoring Rules and Quiz FAQs

Daily BIG Trivia Quiz - 15 questions everyday, every month! Please read the scoring rules before you begin. If you experience any problems with the quiz, you may find a possible solution in our Frequent Asked Questions.

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  • The daily trivia quiz has an automated system of accumulating a member's daily points score and their time taken on each quiz. This data is stored in a database which expires at the end of each month. No records are then kept.
  • The 'real-time' scoreboard shows the current month's quiz leaders, based on the number of correct answers they have achieved (and secondly, their total time taken.)
  • If a 'tie' on the points scored between two or more quiz leaders occurs, the 'shortest time taken' will be the deciding factor on their final scoreboard position.
  • Each quiz will end automatically at 12pm on the last day of each month, and the current leaders scores and times will be recorded at 12pm (NZ time). Due to global timezones, the actual time around the world will vary. Each quiz therefore finishes at GMT + 12hrs (New Zealand time)


  • You have to be a registered EasiYo website member or EasiYo newsletter subscriber to enter any prize competitions we may have associated with the daily trivia quizzes.
  • EasiYo members from any country are eligible to play or enter the daily quiz competitions. All our quiz competitions are free to enter.
  • Winners of any competitions associated with the daily trivia quizzes will be notified by email during the following month.
  • Quiz winners(basic details) will be published on our winners page at the beginning of the following month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. The quiz does not let me login after entering my email and password, the same login screen remains.
    A. You have used an incorrect member login email and/or password ... or you may not be a registered member of the EasiYo website yet. If you've forgotten your login details, click the Forgot your password? You will be sent a temporary password that you can change later.
  • Q. After login, a screen says "Sorry, you can only play this quiz once a day" Why?
    A. This means that you have previously logged-in 'today' and played today's quiz. Because of the scoring system you can only play the quiz once per day.

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