Jars & Lunchtakers

EasiYo Yogurt Makers +

Spare Yogurt Jars

+ Free Cookbook!

  • 2 x 1L Yogurt Jars
  • 2 x 250ml Lunchtaker Jars
  • 64pg Yogurt Cookbook

Now you and your family can have as much fresh yogurt as you like! ...It is always handy to have a couple of spare jars, or a couple of your favourite flavours on the go at the same time.

The lunchtaker jars are also great to take to work or for the kids to take to school.

We'll throw in our cookbook too!
The 64 page EasiYo Cookbook shows you how easy it is to use EasiYo yogurt for all occasions.

EPC: 605038

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  • Christine Last Name - Wellington, New Zealand

    Love this product, have been using it for years!

    Would love to see an option of glass for the 1 litre jars.

  • Margie Thomson - Hamilton, New Zealand

    I Love EasiYo and use it a lot.

    I would also love the small lunch jars sold in a pack of four as I have plenty of the 1 ltr jars but need more of the smaller lunch jars.

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  • Ruth Coysh - Auckland, New Zealand

    I have been making EasiYo for years and love it!
    I usually have at least 2 x 1litre jars on the go for the family, but not enough lunch taker jars.

    Why don't you sell 4 x lunch takers as an option rather than 2 x litre jars and x 2 lunch takers?? I dont need any more big jars!

  • Jenny Winter - Wehr, Germany

    I would prefer to have the jars as single items, rather than in a pack of 4

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